Board Members

Sharon Hayes is the founder of Helping Hamilton’s Homeless. She started the group in 2015 when she decided to donate a weekend in Niagara Falls to a man in the urban core, but he couldn’t accept because he feared his stuff would be stolen.

He said what he really needed was socks, so she returned with a donation of about 50 socks, a golf shirt, a cake and a birthday card, and made a friendship along with the idea that started Helping Hamilton Homeless (HHH).

Sharon is a Special Constable with the Hamilton Police Services and uses most of her spare time to help people in need because, in her words, “I’m addicted to helping.”



Netasha Willis is a photographer, aviator, lady farmer, adventurer, and dedicated mom of four. Netasha follows the principles of her faith to help those in need. Her exuberant personality brightens up the lives that she touches and brings warmth and compassion to those on the street.


Victoria Miecznikowski had been helping the homeless on her own for several years and when she heard about Helping Hamilton’s Homeless she knew she had to become involved. Victoria is a communications consultant and is currently teaching at Mohawk College.


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